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Where To Find Freeware Maps?

Where can I find free downloadable mapping software online? One with driving directions and road maps in particular. I don't mean google earth or mapquest something that is downloadable and doesn't require internet. Basically a free program with preloaded maps of the United States.Where To Find Freeware Maps?
Theres always navman!

Tips on driving to Seattle. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!?

I'm driving for the first time from Indiana to Seattle, Washington this summer. As I am bringing my two cats, who have never gone on a long car trip, I really need some suggestions fast. One of my friends told me that is was really hard driving from Chicago to Washington. What I want to know is how long did it take you. (please no going on Google maps and getting directions. I need real experience). Also do you have to drive through the Rocky Mountains? If so, is it very treacherous? Overall, is the drive rather easy? I need help ASAP cause I'm leaving in less than 20 days.Tips on driving to Seattle. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!?
The only thing hard about driving from Chicago to Washington on I-94/I-90 is how boring it can get. Although the country is beautiful, you have a long stretch of seeing pretty much the same thing for a lot of miles.

It took me 3 days to make that trip, but I need to stop and get out of the car and stretch every 3 or 4 hours and I don't like to do more than about 10-12 hours of driving per day. I get too tired and sleepy, especially if the highway is monotonous. I typically like to get going early in the morning and stop by 5 or 6 pm. I don't like driving after dark because it increases the chances of hitting a deer (or some other animal) which not only messes up the deer, but can do a lot of damage to your car. If you can handle driving longer without falling asleep at the wheel, you might be able to do it in less time.

Yes, you drive through the Rocky Mountains and also the Cascade Mountains, but it is not at all treacherous in the summer months.
Yes, you must cross the Rockies. I once drove from Seattle to Chicago. It was about ten years ago. It is a long drive. It took us about 2 1/2 days and we stopped at hotels for the night. The toughest part is that it's very flat and very boring for most of the drive (North Dakota and Eastern Montana are especially boring). It can get very repetetive and hard to stay away the whole time. If you can just take your time and take lots of breaks along the way.Tips on driving to Seattle. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!?
I really can't add to Tori's answer. It is a good one.Tips on driving to Seattle. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!?
I to made the drive from Chicago to Seattle about ten years ago when I moved out here and had a similar experience on our drive as Kevin and Tori. Do you know some who can travel with you? I drove out with my dad, and it made the trip a lot more bearable to have someone in the car to talk to and kept us both awake. I also traveled with my cats and two dogs and have traveled quite a bit with cats to shows. One tip I can give you is you might want to map out some hotels along the route that are pet friendly. The La Quinta and Super 8 chains are two pet friendly hotels that I stay in quite frequently, and I know have lots of hotels across the US. Good luck on your trip.

Blackberry software downloads for navigation?

Looking for something better than Google maps for navigation-driving directions, etc.Blackberry software downloads for navigation?
i would recommend telenav.you get voice directions, maps, you can get turn by turn directions, choose locations based on restaurant, gas, etc, gps...hers how to download it... on your web browser go to wireless web, click get link, then go to download, on downloads choose gps applications, then choose telenav for your model of phone. if its nextel it will give you the icon and you can sign on after registering. if its sprint you have to call and get telenav added, and make sure they add telenav soc and not drive.. which customer care adds and it never works, and youll get a pin number in 24 hours

I am moving to austraillia?

I don't want to take a plane or boat to get there though. Google maps won't give me driving directions to brisbane, either. I am currently in the United States.I am moving to austraillia?
Try www.randmcnally.com. They always give great directions!

Just don't forget your snorkel gear =)
Maybe you could hire a submarine from the navy over there to get here or put a long bloody snorkel on your car and hope for the best, good luck with the travel plans.I am moving to austraillia?
You may need to attach floatation devices to your car when you get to the ocean, after that you'll need oars. Yes, it still technically stays a car. Providing your car is sea worthy go south until you reach Caldera, Chile and head DIRECTLY west. *get a dashboard compass* and stay awake the whole trip to stay on course and you should be very close to the vicinity of Brisbane if you do it right.I am moving to austraillia?
Well then I do hope that you are physically fit because it will be one hell of a swim.. but have yourself a great trip and if you make it to Perth.. on the far side of the Island.. be sure to tell the lads down at the beach bar closer to the reefs, that yes! I am back in the states and I do miss their lovely ladies..
I hope you're kidding, right? Australia is an island in the South Pacific; there's no way to drive from the Continental US to Australia; you could try swimming (it's several thousand miles away, so I wouldn't recommend you attempt it). (Note the correct spelling of the Country, by the way!). (Lord, where do these people come from??)
just take highway one west out of l.a. or san francisco.
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  • Should Google sue this person for being stupid?

    A woman named Lauren Rosenberg is suing Google for $100,000 after she walked onto a highway and got hit by a car while following Google Maps directions on her Blackberry. She disregarded, or didn't see, the warning that says: "Walking directions are in beta. Use caution - This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths." She also apparently didn't use common sense.

    From Fortune:

    Defendant Google, through its "Google Maps" service provided Plaintiff Lauren Rosenberg with walking directions that led her out onto Deer valley Drive, a.k.a. State Route 224, a rural highway with no sidewalks, and a roadway that exhibits motor vehicles traveling at high speeds, that is not reasonably safe for pedestrians.

    The Defendant Google expects uses of the walking map site to rely on the accuracy of the walking directions given....

    As a direct and proximate cause of Defendant Google's careless, reckless, and negligent providing of unsafe directions, Plaintiff Laren Rosenberg was led onto a dangerous highway, and was thereby stricken by a motor vehicle...Should Google sue this person for being stupid?
    Just one more reason that I'm glad I'm a technological idiot. I wouldn't have even the beginning of the faintest idea how to get myself killed using a "careless, reckless, and negligent" device like a Blackberry. Just this morning, I was wondering whether I could make some money by jabbing myself in the ear with my toothbrush and then suing the "careless, reckless, and negligant" toothbrush maker for failing to provide me with a booklet describing the millions of ways that a toothbrush could be bad for me if used improperly. By the way, why isn't plaintiff Rosenberg's loy-yah also suing Blackberry, and the builders of State Route 224, and the motorists who travel on it at high rates of speed, thereby making it unsafe for confused pedestrians to wander around on it?
    There was a gal in my college hometown several years back who was walking along a sidewalk reading a book, with her Walkman playing music in her ears. Poor girl stepped right into the path of an oncoming train and was killed instantly. Her parents sued the makers of Walkman, as well as the railroad. I am happy to report that they lost the suit, and the Walkman and railroad folks didn't have to pay a dime. Let's hope common sense prevails again.Should Google sue this person for being stupid?
    This is the sort of lawsuit that ruins it for us all. People are substituting the internet for using a bit of common sense. I have wondered how up-to-date Google and GPS is when there are detours on roads and it gives you the directions regardless of the detours.Should Google sue this person for being stupid?
    There is always a lawyer lurking to take these cases and stupid clients who hope they can make a fast buck. Hopefully, Google won't pay her off. Many companies do this just to avoid long expensive trials. They should go forward to teach others not to make frivolous lawsuits.
    Sometimes I have to wonder why God even tried to give us any common sense. some of us evidently do not use it! Good Heaven's, if they told her to walk into a fire, would she do that too? She's just money hungry.
    Another person not taking responsibility for her own actions and expecting a large payday.

    As a pedestrian if you find an area unsafe for walking find another form of transportation to get to your destination.(DUH!!!)
    That's one of the most idiotic things i've

    heard in a long time. I bet that stupid

    bi*ch win's too. Only in america can you

    be that stupid and get paid large sums of

    money for. Welcome to america ;)
    File this under the lady who sued Mc Donald's for burning herself with the hot coffee. Unfortunately,that lady won and so will the stupid lady that didn't use any common sense.
    Just another fine example of user stupidity seeking litigation to get undeserved money for being an idiot without a chaperon.
    Sounds to me like another lazy person trying to get someone else to pay for her mistakes and probably her medical bills.
    nobody should be suing anybody for their own lack of plain common sense .ridiculous what people actually get paid out for being stupid .
    i don't think any1 should sue any1.

    gosh y do american people (and i'm american) have 2 b so sueish (b nice for oncE)
    Being in beta is an up to scratch idea
    If I did that, I think I'd be trying to hide my identity.
    Stupid people are everywhere. I'm not sure of GOOGLes legal obligation, and only replying because of the Micky D coffee comment. The lady in question had a couple layers of skin removed because of boiling hot water, used for coffee. The burn was from her thigh to her knee, and the company did not provide a buffer cup. The heat was so intense that it fell from her burned fingers. Yeah she won.

    This will be an interesting story to follow. Manufacturers have to use warnings for the most obvious of dangers because of lawsuits and injury's to dumb people.

    I need help with directions!?

    How do i get to 200 south main Street, Las Vegas Nevada, from highway 160 without taking the freeway,i am asking because my mom has to drive there and Google maps won't give me directions without taking the freeway and my mom is terrified of the freeway..thanks ahead of time!!I need help with directions!?
    From 160, take decatur north. Stay on Decatur a LOOONG way. Make a right on Charleston. Take Charleston to Main street and make a left. VoilaI need help with directions!?
    FYI - we have no idea where you are, so how would we know how to get you there.

    How to avoid tri-state tollway in Indiana?

    I'm driving from Texas to Michigan. I have gotten directions from Map Quest and Google Maps and both direct me through tri-state tollway in Indiana. How can I avoid this? I really can't afford the cost.How to avoid tri-state tollway in Indiana?
    Try MapQuest and Google Maps again, this time clicking the "Avoid toll" box on the webpage and recalculating. (This shows up after you hit the "Show options" hyperlink at Google Maps. At MapQuest it will show up in the blue box to the right.) You didn't say where you were going to in Michigan, and that might make a difference.


    If all else fails, plan on driving really slowly to Michigan to improve your gas mileage and save money in that way. (And yes, this really does work if you drive slowly enough, though it'll drive you half-mad before you've reached your destination.)How to avoid tri-state tollway in Indiana?
    the gas and time it takes to get out of the way of these booths isn't worth it because gas costs money and your just wasting time.

    Do you think they sell maps of Toronto in many gas stations?

    Some gas stations have huge racks of maps. I'm going from Michigan to Toronto and I'm driving there. I already have the directions on how to get there off Google Maps, but once I'm in Toronto, I wont know how to get anywhere. Do you think they will have maps of Toronto in a gas station in Toronto then?Do you think they sell maps of Toronto in many gas stations?
    Most gas stations have them, but Toronto is huge and very confusing if you don't have some idea where to go. My suggestion is buying a GPS before you get there. The greater Toronto area starts in Missisauga in the west and goes to Oshawa in the east, a distance of 45 miles, on the 401 highway at 68 mph speeds. Good luck, and if you get lost ask a taxi driver or tow truck driver for the best help and directions.

    Cell phone gps worked, now doesn't, who's to blame?

    I bought an HTC Touch diamond with a new alltell contract a few months before the switchover to verizon. The gps worked with google maps and bing but now doesn't. I cannot determine if it's a hardware issue, software issue, phone company issue. It worked less than a month ago but I suspect verizon of doing things over the air to disable the function because they want people to subscribe to their driving directions program. What do you think?Cell phone gps worked, now doesn't, who's to blame?
    It could be a number of issues. A few days ago an upgraded version of the GPS system went into use for everyone around the world. This is supposed to provide a lot more accuracy. I can imagine this could have some problematic side effects for devices using GPS.

    Perhaps you should contact your phone manufacturer and ask them if this upgrade could have broken the phone's compatibility with the network.
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  • Anyone knows of a GPS that would allow me to enter lat/lon and then take me to that location?

    I have a job that requires me to be on the road at all times. However, the places I have to go to don't have driving directions, only lat/lon coordinates. The roads here are not properly labeled at all and once I get up into the mountains, the cell phone signal is too weak for my cell phone GPS.

    I need a GPS I can put in my car which allows me to enter lat/lon coordinates and then help me get to that point. Google earth/maps driving directions or any other similar will not work due to the poor labeling of roads, I simply don't know in which road I'm on.

    On top of a GPS that would let me enter lat/lon, it would be helpful if I could save those points and name them. So that if I ever have to go to that point again, I can just search it on the GPS by station name. It would need a memory of at least 100 locations that can be saved.

    Please help!

    Thank YouAnyone knows of a GPS that would allow me to enter lat/lon and then take me to that location?
    I know that my Garmin 205 will aloow me to route from the lon/lat. Since the 205 is the bottom of the line, I would think that the higher ones would have more memory.

    Should I use Google Maps or MapQuest?

    I'm planning to go to Brooklyn, NY and I live in Jersey City, NJ. I almost never drive to NY and I've never been to Brooklyn, so I'm trying to get the best directions possible. I thought MapQuest would be the best option but I'm not sure because I hear MapQuest is sometimes deceiving.Should I use Google Maps or MapQuest?
    According to Internet traffic monitoring site,Google Maps was on the path to overtake Mapquest around the beginning of this year. Now MapQuest is pulling away from Google once again.MapQuest and Google Maps aren't your only choices,therefore you can only choice of that site..Should I use Google Maps or MapQuest?
    Mapquest doesn't update street changes as often as google mapsShould I use Google Maps or MapQuest?
    Google Maps is more popular.

    Variables in javascript?

    I am having some problems using a variable within a javascript src.

    I have little javascript experience, but a lot of php. Here is what I am trying to do:

    1) I am using google maps to get directions for users on a web application. But, the destination is not static. It changes. I am storing the destination in a php variable called $goomapsloc.

    Now, in order to make the php variable available within the src, I have done the following:

    (I have added some spaces, to prevent yahoo from truncating the code . . as recommended by another user . . so please ignore any spacing issues)

    %26lt;script type="text/javascript"%26gt;

    %26lt;?php print("var resloc = " . $goomapsloc . " \n");?%26gt;

    src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr? url=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadge鈥?114281111391296844949/driving- directions.xml%26amp;amp ;up_fromLocation=%26amp;up_myLocations=" + resloc + ";up_defaultDirectionsType= %26amp;synd=open%26amp;w=400%26amp;h= 75%26amp;title =Directions+by+Google+Maps%26amp; brand=light%26amp;lang= en%26amp;country=US%26amp;borde r=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+ %23999999%26amp;output=js"%26gt; %26lt;/script%26gt;

    That is what I have. The php part is working just fine, but the src part fails. All I get for resloc is the exact text of "resloc" not the variable . . .

    Any assistance to make this work ?Variables in javascript?
    If that is your actual javascript code, you are prematurely closing of your javascript reference (in the first line: "%26lt;script type="text/javascript"%26gt;")

    I assume what you want in the end is something similar to

    %26lt;script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr? url=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadge鈥?114281111391296844949/driving- directions.xml%26amp;amp ;up_fromLocation=%26amp;up_myLocations=" + resloc + ";up_defaultDirectionsType= %26amp;synd=open%26amp;w=400%26amp;h= 75%26amp;title =Directions+by+Google+Maps%26amp; brand=light%26amp;lang= en%26amp;country=US%26amp;borde r=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+ %23999999%26amp;output=js"%26gt;


    If that's the case, simply get rid of that "%26gt;"

    Avoid crossing the border with google maps?

    Looking to drive from Toronto to Whitehorse. Don't want to go through the states. How can I find directions to avoid the states?Avoid crossing the border with google maps?
    Join CAA, then get their TripTik page-by-page map. It works really well, best used with a navigator. I used it from Toronto to Connecticut.
    You can just drag the route to not go through the USA.

    Or add a destination, such as Ontario in between.

    Get directions from Toronto to Ontario, and then to Whitehorse.

    Check this link:

    http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d%26amp;saddr鈥?/a>Avoid crossing the border with google maps?
    Just get a Canada/USA road atlas for $4.95 at Wal Mart and use that.

    But really, follow the TCH to WInnipeg, take Highway 16 past Edmonton and exit where it says Valleyview and go to Fort. St. John BC where you will get onto Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.

    Avoid crossing the border with google maps?
    On Google Maps, type in Toronto to Whitehorse. Then with the mouse, grab the part of the trip that passes through the USA and drag it to Canada. It will reroute you.
    find another site that gives u directions. sometimes it lets u say what towns u want to avoid or go through. which border do u mean?

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  • I'm looking to map a few locations. Does anyone know of a decent online (free) program?

    I've looked at Google Maps and Mapquest but I don't know how do mark mulitple locations without asking for driving directions between them. I just want to get an overview map of all the locations so I can pinpoint which locations I want to go to, not get directions between them. Thanks.I'm looking to map a few locations. Does anyone know of a decent online (free) program?
    well go to yahoo maps beta they give maps without u needing to type in adress just zoom in ^-^

    What's the best way to drive to Manchester, NH from western Connecticut?

    I am thinking of visiting a friend of mine up in Manchester, NH this coming weekend. I looked up directions from Google maps but I don't feel comfortable going on all the congested interstates near Boston since I just got my license in June and this would be my longest drive by far. Does anyone know of any good back road routes?What's the best way to drive to Manchester, NH from western Connecticut?
    Its not that bad, take 84 east/north to rt 90 East (the mass turnpike)to rt 495 east/north then rt 93 north it will take you right into Manchester. Its not that hard, I live in NH and take the majority of this route to visit one of my children in Conn.What's the best way to drive to Manchester, NH from western Connecticut?
    Thanks for the help guys. I ended up using the way you alluded to Halo. It worked out well though it does take a little longer than the traditional route. Maybe I will try the normal way next time and see how it works out.

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    What's the best way to drive to Manchester, NH from western Connecticut?
    You could go back roads

    Not sure how, but my father in law does

    He take 91N to Brattleboro VT

    Then back road to Manchester NH

    So, look for a way to get to Manchester NH to Brattleboro VT

    Look for 91S

    You will not be close to boston

    Need directions to a school interview.?

    So I got this brochure to a prestigious school somewhere in England, but I have no idea how I can get there. It's probably gonna be a flight from Dallas to Kennedy Airport New York, then from there to London Heathrow International. Now here is where the tricky part comes. Google maps and Mapquest has failed to yield any results for me. I need to know how to get there by this coming month cuz the new semester is coming up. I need driving or walking directions from the airport to Hogwarts School of Wizardry.Need directions to a school interview.?
    No, you take the train, Kings Cross Station, London, Platform 9 3/4. Duh!

    And by the way, if you Google a map of London, then put Hogwarts into the Get Directions box, it will tell you that train station!

    How much does 1 min of cab drive cost?

    Like in general in the States in mid size to large cities. Im travelling to Columbus, Ohio and getting directions on google maps to see how far is the hotel to places of interest. You can get directions if travelling by car in minutes. So I was wondering would something like 10 min drive be equal to say 15-20 bucks or less?How much does 1 min of cab drive cost?
    dont ever use cab , because they will rib you off , it only took me like 10 mins to get from my mall to my house , but the cab took 45 mins , and they charge $87 , that was my first and my last time riding cab ....How much does 1 min of cab drive cost?
    First, it depends on the cab company. Different companies have different rates.

    Second, taxis measure using mile, not minutes.

    POLL: Google Maps or Mapquest?

    Which site do you prefer to use to get driving directions?

    BQ: If you chose Mapquest, do you still use the classic version or do you use the newer one?POLL: Google Maps or Mapquest?
    Google maps.... but it lied to me once
    directions are directions does it matter?POLL: Google Maps or Mapquest?
    I actually like Google Maps better.POLL: Google Maps or Mapquest?

    bq: i didn't realize there was a newer version
    Google Maps has better resources, and the maps and directions are so much fun to use!
    I go with my gut. No maps required.
    google map
    i use google maps
    Quest. Let's go on a quest together.

    bq: i didnt know theres a new one either...
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  • Has anyone ever driven a car to Anchorage Alaska from their home state?

    Me and my friend want to drive out to Anchorage Alaska from New York... we found directions on google but not sure if its possible. Has anyone ever driven there? from a state.Has anyone ever driven a car to Anchorage Alaska from their home state?
    Absolutely!! I'm from Anchorage, too, and I've driven to the lower 48. It will take you awhile, but you'll get there. It's a beautiful drive, and once you're on the Alcan Highway (upper Canada) you may want to bring a tent and camp out for a night or two. It's a ton of fun with a friend. I wouldn't rely on google earth, though, using it around here for me sometimes hasn't worked that great--not too accurate.I'd go to borders and look in some map books for specific instructions.

    (By the way, while you're on a roadtrip, after spending some time in Anchorage, driving to Juneau (capitol) is beautiful) It takes about 2 days depending on how fast you go, and on the last part you take a ferry to get from Skagway to Juneau itself. Personally, I think Juneau is one of the prettiest towns I've ever seen. Surrounded by mountains everywhere you go.)

    Hope I helped!
    People who live here drive to the lower 48 all the time, it can be done. It is actually a beautiful trip. Will cost lots of $$$$, Gas is even more expensive in Canada. And speaking of, make sure you have passports and clean criminal records to make it across the boarder.


    Also hands down the best travel guide for the roads in Alaska and Canada, The Milepost:


    What else on the northern part, not all pumps have credit card pay, so you want to carry gas, or schedule fill ups accordingly on long uninhabited stretches. Bring a spare and some tools, know how to change your tires. Your windshield has a 90% chance of getting chipped. Carry a cooler and snacks to save money on road food. Your our of radio reception a lot so bring tunes. There is good camping if you want to, The Milepost will tell you where. Watch for moose, and if the sign says bump then slow down.Has anyone ever driven a car to Anchorage Alaska from their home state?
    I personally haven't made the trip, but my husband has. We live in Dallas, but he flew to Vermont and drove to Anchorage with his cousin. They said the drive was beautiful and they camped out most of the way there and back. The trip was 4,265 miles but they enjoyed it.Has anyone ever driven a car to Anchorage Alaska from their home state?
    People do it all the time, and I believe the Alaska highway is paved the entire way now.
    yeah i'm from Alaska. of course! i have friends who drive down to the 48 every winter.

    Driving GA to TX, trip planner with attractions?

    January 3rd my husband, myself %26amp; some friends are driving from savannah GA to austin TX. I'm going to school in Hutto TX for 4 months %26amp; road tripping it was the cheapest %26amp; more fun option for us. I've found directions on google %26amp; mapquest. But we're looking for directions that include roadside attractions (You know like the worlds largest rubberband ball! lol)

    I've looked up "cross country trip planners" with no luck what so ever. I found www.etravelogue.com but it only ended up giving me a few attractions that weren't interesting %26amp; they were only in austin TX.

    So I guess I'm looking for a site that'll map out the directions along with attractions, or at least let me put in my trip route and just list off the attractions nearby.

    Thanks in advance guys!!Driving GA to TX, trip planner with attractions?
    All details are on their home page

    What is the most interesting way to drive across the country from CALI to FLORIDA? best tourist spots, etc.?

    Some friends and I are driving to florida for the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this spring. Its gonna be the most amazing trip ever, and we've decided to drive instead of fly because of the adventure we can have. I've looked up the "directions" on google which gives me the most direct route, but does anyone have any advice?What is the most interesting way to drive across the country from CALI to FLORIDA? best tourist spots, etc.?
    If you're coming across on I-20 you can see quite a bit.

    Here's a master link to help:http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0ge鈥?/a>

    What is the best way to get from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado?

    I'm driving from Austin to Denver on Tuesday and I need to know what the best way is to get there. Should I choose Google Maps directions or MapQuest or try something entirely different?What is the best way to get from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado?
    any online map will tell you about the same thing. Personally I like mapquest but my best friend ates it and uses yahoo maps
    Hitchhike and let other people do the drivingWhat is the best way to get from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado?
    Try 35 north%26gt;35w thru Ft Worth.Then us287 on the north side of Ft worth to Amirillo.keep on us 287 thru Oklahoma,and into Lamar Colorado.here you can follow 287 to interstate 70,or us 50 to interstate 25 at Pueblo,your choice,i like us50.Interstates 70 and 25 both lead into downtown Denver.....George

    added:Best to git a good Rand/Mcnally road atlas too at a truckstop or wal mart.....GGWhat is the best way to get from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado?
    The fastest way (all interstate highways) is i-35 north to Kansas, then West on i70 straight to Denver. Just make sure you don't drive through DFW during rush hour and you should be okay.

    It's flat and boring (til you hit Colorado) but it's probably your fastest route. If you want to make it more interesting and do some sightseeing or something on the way, there are more direct routes on smaller roads that go through a lot more towns.

    Where Can You Download Freeware Maps?

    Where can I find free downloadable mapping software online? One with driving directions and road maps in particular. I don't mean google earth or mapquest something that is downloadable and doesn't require internet, meant for the PC. I don't mean cellphone or GPS or pocket pc maps, I mean for a desktop or laptop. Basically a free program with preloaded road maps of the United States.Where Can You Download Freeware Maps?
    This app doesn't exist.

    Maps are dynamic, and therefore, NEED the web to be accurate.

    Have you tried Google Maps, from:

    Plan your driving routes and then print them out. The printouts are as close as you'll get to what you want.

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  • Directions to Fort Leonard Wood, MO?

    I am driving from Sioux Falls, SD to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I have found directions on mapquest, google maps, etc but I was wondering if there is anyone that is familiar with the area can tell me the best way to get there. I am driving overnight and I am looking for the easiest way to get there. Any suggestions??Directions to Fort Leonard Wood, MO?
    I would stick with interstate highways (I-90, I-35, I-70) from Sioux Falls all the way to Columbia, Missouri on I-70. Then go south on highway 63 down to I-44. And head west on I-44 till you get to Ft. Leonard Wood.

    Will someone explain to me how the toll roads work?

    Ok, I have no driving licence so I don't know very much about these toll roads...

    I typed in google maps 2 locations(Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan and T艒ky艒 Metropolis, Japan) and under some directions it is written Toll Road.

    So my question is this: If there are 6 Toll Road words under 6 directions in Google Maps does it mean that the driver must pay for 6 Toll Roads during his travel?Will someone explain to me how the toll roads work?
    I don't know about Japan but generally when you get on the road you get a ticket. When you get off the toll road they charge you for the distance you traveled based on your ticket's starting point.

    Could somone please give me directions to drive from La Guardia airport (New York) to Secaucus (New Jersey)?

    Here is the map, I just need a little help direction wise.

    I really stink at directions.


    http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en%26amp;q=secaucus+new+jersey%26amp;um=1%26amp;ie=UTF-8%26amp;split=0%26amp;sa=X%26amp;oi=geocode_result%26amp;resnum=1%26amp;ct=titleCould somone please give me directions to drive from La Guardia airport (New York) to Secaucus (New Jersey)?
    1. Head west on Terminal B toward La Guardia Rd

    0.2 mi

    2. Slight left at La Guardia Rd

    0.1 mi

    3. Slight right onto the ramp to Grand Central Pkwy W

    0.3 mi

    4. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Grand Central Pkwy W and merge onto Grand Central Pkwy W

    0.8 mi

    5. Take exit 4 for Bklyn Qns Expy toward I-278 W/Staten Island

    0.3 mi

    6. Merge onto E Brooklyn Queens Expy S/Queens Midtown Expy S

    3.2 mi

    7. Take exit 35 to merge onto I-495 W

    Partial toll road

    3.2 mi

    8. Exit onto Tunnel Exit St

    Partial toll road

    0.2 mi

    9. Turn right at E 34th St

    1.2 mi

    10. Turn right at Dyer Ave

    0.1 mi

    11. Take the ramp onto Lincoln Tunnel W

    Partial toll road

    Entering New Jersey

    2.8 mi

    12. Continue on RT-495 W

    Partial toll road

    1.0 mi

    13. Take the State Hwy 3 W exit toward Secaucus/Garden State Pkwy

    0.3 mi

    14. Slight right toward County Route 681/Paterson Plank Rd (signs for Secaucus/State Hwy 3 W)

    0.3 mi

    15. Take the ramp to HARMON MEADOW Blvd

    0.2 mi

    16. Merge onto County Route 681/Paterson Plank Rd

    0.5 mi

    17. Turn left at County Ave

    1.0 mi

    18. Turn right at Secaucus Rd

    0.2 mi

    Secaucus, NJCould somone please give me directions to drive from La Guardia airport (New York) to Secaucus (New Jersey)?

    Help w/directions to Jacksonville NC from Baltimore


    My uncle gave me directions to Jacksonville NC and he claims its a quick route.

    I'm driving down alone next week with my toddler son and I just want to verify his directions are good.

    Anyway, he said to take 95 South after passing over in to North Carolina take 64 East than 17 south to Camp Lejuene. (I'm pretty familiar with Jacksonville once I do get there). Can someone tell me if these are good directions? It's a lot less turns than mapquest or google gives me.

    Thanks :)Help w/directions to Jacksonville NC from Baltimore
    What I would recommend and what I typically do when traveling is to buy an Atlas (with all states) and keep it in your car. When I need to take a trip somewhere I have never been, I look at mapquest and then find the route on the map that takes me in the straightest/least complicated route. I also will write out some directions to have to glance at in route if need be. Then if something happens like a detour because of construction or other, then I can find my way back to the route I am supposed to take. If you dont want to buy an atlas then simply print off the state and areas you will be driving thru off of mapquest or google.

    I can tell you that once you get onto 17 its a straight shot to Jacksonville.

    Also make sure that your relatives know when you are leaving and have an estimate on when you should arrive. Have contact numbers with you just in case you have car trouble you can call a relative. Also if possible drive during the daylight hours if you can help it as recently (not in an area you will be driving thru) there were reports of 2 men attempting to force 2 different female drivers off the road in the early morning hours.

    Get your car checked out a couple of days before the trip(oil changed, coolant levels checked,Transmission fluid levels checked, tires checked, also have spare tire checked as it sucks to be on the side of the road and your spare is flat, verify inspection sticker and tag are current etc). Help w/directions to Jacksonville NC from Baltimore
    Yes, your directions are good. 95 will get you down there the quickest. Safe Travels!!

    When driving from Orlando to Miami, what is the best scenic route?

    I am planning a trip to Miami, which I don't do very often, So my thinking is that it already takes 4 hours to get there, why not make to drive pleasant and see the ocean for at least some part of the drive. Googlemaps has two options when you google directions, Turnpike all the way down, or you can hop on I-95 eventually, which takes you closer to the shore... but it's not that close... my question is: Can you see the ocean from I-95 as your approaching miami, or are there any other cool scenic routes that you know of? THANKS! :)When driving from Orlando to Miami, what is the best scenic route?
    Take A-1-A from Cocoa all the way down. It's one of the most scenic routes on the east coast, especially above Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, it's slow; %26amp; even slower when you pull off to see the ocean or walk on a beach.
    No. There is really no alternative unless you want to travel A1A which is constant stoplights.

    Addtional info:441 or 27????? Now THERE'S some scenery! (tongue set firmly in cheek)When driving from Orlando to Miami, what is the best scenic route?
    you can come up 27 or 441 from the miami areaWhen driving from Orlando to Miami, what is the best scenic route?
    I use, Alligator Alley, or, 41. Have a great time!
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  • Directions to Mulholland Dr?

    Can someone provide me with a Detailed directions to a drive thru spot to view the city off the 405 freeway? I will give you best answer once I verify ur directions on googleDirections to Mulholland Dr?
    I don't get it. If you're going to "confirm" the answer on Google Maps, why not just follow the Google Maps instructions. What is the point of asking for directions?
    To get accurate driving directions, visit http://www.mapquest.com/ You will need to enter the From and To addresses for accuracy.Directions to Mulholland Dr?
    Jag, I understand your problem. There is no Mulholland exit off the 405, it is just a bridge over the 405. You need to get of at exit 61 (Skirball Dr) and scoot along the east side of the 405 until it hits Mulholland Dr.

    Once you get there and head east there will be scenic overlook parking spots, mostly for the Valley and Century City area views....on the other end near Laurel Canyon Dr. would be city views, but the views are mostly blocked by trees and houses.....Good Hunting !!!!!Directions to Mulholland Dr?
    the guy above me made sense.. Why would i even bother to answer your question if you are going to go to verify google to give the Best answer. sorry to tell you. this is not a test and i ain't the local guinea pig
    you can get to Mulholland from Hollywood off of 101. I believee N. Highland near Cahuenga, not far from the hollywood Bowl.

    Could anyone give me directions to six flags magic mountain?

    from yellowstone drive, costa mesa?

    i was on google maps and theres many different directions, some are like an hour, and others are only 7 miles. i'm like wtf?

    help muchh apperciated.(:Could anyone give me directions to six flags magic mountain?
    1. Get on the 55 to the 405 north. If you are close to the 22 take that west to 405 north.

    2. Stay on the 405N until it becomes 5N.

    3. Get off on Magic Mountain Parkway. If it is crowded Cal Trans will have signs posted near MM for alternate routes.

    You are looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on traffic.

    What would be the average driving time from IL to Cancun mexico?

    I have looked every where for directions or anything and i cant find any, so websites where it would b would b great. not even google maps or mapquest could help meWhat would be the average driving time from IL to Cancun mexico?
    As the other person said, you have to drive through Mexico to do this and that is just not safe these days. Over 2000 people were killed in Tijuna last year - it has to do with the druglords and cartels but it's effecting normal people. Between Christmas and New Years, a couple visiting from Wisconsin and an assistant principal from Southern California were killed. Just normal people. In two different places, who just chose the wrong place to be.What would be the average driving time from IL to Cancun mexico?
    The trouble is you have to drive over 1500 miles on mexican roads. That is something even the Mexicans don't like to do.

    Hello people i m new to Vista California, I need a driving direction from this city to Lax Airport...?

    please help... i google it but no help:(Hello people i m new to Vista California, I need a driving direction from this city to Lax Airport...?
    Take Hwy 78 west to I-5. Go north into Orange County, and when I-5 and I-405 split take the I-405. Exit at Century Blvd, and go west into LAX. With "norman" traffic it is about a hour and a half trip.

    How do i go about this driving question.?

    im a new driver and have been driving for a month now accident free. heres the problem im having. I drive a car with the use of hand controls because im a disabled driver. so that means that i am not hands free when i drive so how could i follow driving directions while safely driving since my hands are what regular drivers do with their feet. i cant get a gps right now i have to use either map quest google maps or yahoo maps. also what does cr-518 and cr 603 mean?How do i go about this driving question.?
    I ride a motorcycle. I need reading glasses. I am not hands free nor can I use GPS while traveling as I cannot read the screen. When I travel and I need to check directions I simply pull over to the side, remove the goggles, don the reading glasses, and pull out the map.
    not sure but when i typed cr-518 into google it popped up country route 518....so that' most likely what that means........

    um if u write out ur own directions u could put them on one of those windshield or dashboard notepad things...would keep it visible without distracting u and as long as u don't obstruct ur view with placement should b fine.......

    btw not sure what gps ur looking for exactly but u can find decent refurbished ones at amazon for around 75 bucks.........How do i go about this driving question.?
    Um, that is a very hard one. Best thing would be to pull over every cpl miles and read the next mile's directions. Gps would be your best bet. Cheap one at walmart is like 100 bucks. And they work wonders. And Cr-518/Cr-603. Means County Route 518/603How do i go about this driving question.?
    cr-518 and cr 603 mean?


    Princeton Associates鈥?- more info 禄

    120 John Street, Princeton, NJ鈥?- (609) 924-3979鈥?br>
    Write a review

    "Rockingham Histori...108 CR-518. Princeton Public...65 Witherspoon St. Mountain Lakes...57 Mountain Ave. Herrontown WoodsSnowden Ln. See all 14 ..."鈥?yahoo.com鈥?br>

    Princeton Associates

    120 John Street, Princeton, NJ鈥?- (609) 924-3979鈥?br>
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  • Maps with Walking Directions?

    OK I WROTE THIS QUESTION BEFORE BUT DIDN'T GET THE RIGHT ANSWER. Some time ago I randomly came across a website that gave walking directions from point a to point b (I'm living in New Zealand by the way ). It was not Google Maps or Yahoo Maps as best I can remember. The site showed the quickest route by foot and I think it even gave estimated time to get there though I'm not certain of that. Can some one please help me find that link again. I have spent hours trying myself and only get maps with driving directions.Maps with Walking Directions?
    Ask.com maps is the only 'large source' maps that offer point-to-point walking directions. They offer quickest route and estimated time to get there. It's the best there is. They are at:


    You can also try Maptuit, i've not used them but I hear that they have good maps. They are at :


    I'm not sure if they offer international directions. Most sites are country-specific, such as http://www.Yell.com (UK walking directions) or http://www.walkit.com/ (again, UK I think).

    Good luck!

    Is there a portable GPS unit out there that also displays a map?

    Does anyone know of a GPS unit that, on top of giving driving directions, can display a map of the area?

    It would be great if the maps had street names and if I have a GPS coordinate, allow me to input that then find the location . Essentially, I am looking for a self contained device with the functionality of google maps, with a large screen, and has no need for a cell connection.

    Any Ideas??Is there a portable GPS unit out there that also displays a map?
    GPS receivers come in a variety of formats, from devices integrated into cars, phones, and watches, to dedicated devices such as those shown here from manufacturers Trimble, Garmin and Leica. But, I am using Garemin GPS- device manufactured by Agritura,Italy %26amp; find it to be very useful device for tracking %26amp; navigation Purpose.

    This is GPS product by Agritura, Check it here ------%26gt; http://www.agritura.com/index.php/cat/c2鈥?/a>Is there a portable GPS unit out there that also displays a map?
    The Garmin Nuvi does essentially that just use the zoom out feature and it will zoom out all the way and show the whole USA, just touch the screen where you want to see and zoom back in. It will also map you there. The Nuvi 5000 has a 5.2 in. screen.Is there a portable GPS unit out there that also displays a map?
    Most driving directions GPS systems can do that.

    They already have a map built in in order to give you directions, most of them allow you the option of just looking at the maps.

    Driving San Antonio to Manhattan, where should I stop?

    Question for anyone who has driven this before, where (cities) should I stop (to sleep) and how long do you think it would take to drive if I stopped at hotels for the night (not driving straight through)? What was your itinerary? Google directions say it's a 1 day, 6 hour drive (1829 miles), so it doesn't seem too bad. I should expect to be traveling for 2 days?

    I should mention I'd have a U-Haul and I'd need recommendations for pet friendly places as I'd have my dog. I would rather fly but I am relocating and I am taking my furniture (enough to fit in a small u-haul) with me. It's cheaper than hiring a company as it's not enough to require a huge truck but it would be too costly to ship.Driving San Antonio to Manhattan, where should I stop?
    Expect to take 4 days with stops to eat and to let the dog out, traffic delays such as construction, traffic jams and accidents.

    I plan my driving for 6 hours a day and it usually takes longer. I plan on staying where a hotel is if I drove for 6 hours and made it on time.

    All La Quinta's are pet friendly.

    If you can, get a lock that is bump proof or use a good combination lock on the U-Haul.Driving San Antonio to Manhattan, where should I stop?
    Pet Friendly (not the same as hotels that accepts) are listed below.

    http://411newyork.org/guide/2007/04/26/p鈥?/a> (Hotels)

    Please make sure your pets are tagged with a microchip before leaving.

    Should you get separated on the trip, it will be easier to reunite you both.

    If you have a dachshund, there are 3 events per year in NY that they can attend.


    Safe travels.

    Cell phones- how much data do you use for applications?

    I want to download Google Maps or another map application for my cell phone. Does anyone have this? How much data (kilobytes) do you typically use each time you get driving directions? Just wondering if I should get a media package.Cell phones- how much data do you use for applications?
    about 120KB every time. and 300 when you select satellite view. the more you zoom in and move a round the more data google map will download. if you start using data then my advice is to get unlimited data for $15..unless you use a smart phone then it is $30....what type of phones do you use..good luck

    Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?



    Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages.

    Show stock quote for GOOG

    www.google.com/ - Cached - Similar

    Google Maps

    Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

    maps.google.com/ - Cached - Similar

    Results for: googlw

    Googlw.com - Googlw - Google's collection of digitized books ...

    Googlw.com Whois Record. ( Googlw ). Change Word Breaks ... Domain name: googlw.com. Registrant Contact: GIDC.com. Lian zhijie () Fax: P.O.Box 131 ...

    whois.domaintools.com/googlw.com - Similar

    Urban Dictionary: googlw

    Sep 20, 2008 ... googlw - 1 definition - a common mis-spelling of google but still takes you to the google website.

    www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?ter鈥?- Cached - Similar

    Googlw definition of Googlw in the Free Online Encyclopedia.

    Google. (Google, Mountain View, CA, www.google.com) The largest search engine on the Web, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University ...

    encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Go鈥?- Cached - Similar

    Using Googlw Toolbar I get a dialog box to save or run a .search ...

    7 posts - 4 authors

    Using Googlw Toolbar I get a dialog box to save or run a .search file.

    www.google.com/support/forum/p/Toolbar鈥?- Similar

    googlw.com - Quantcast Audience Profile

    This site reaches approximately 2653 US monthly people. The site is popular among a more educated, younger, very slightly male biased following.

    www.quantcast.com/googlw.com - Cached - Similar


    googlw.ro is delegated to two nameservers, however one extra nameserver is listed in the zone. All nameservers are at tera-byte.com .

    www.robtex.com/dns/googlw.ro.html - Cached - Similar

    googlw.com.mx Estimated Worth $211.7 USD by websiteoutlook

    googlw.com.mx valuation by websiteoutlook. ... Comments. No comments Be the first person to write a comment on googlw.com.mx ...

    www.websiteoutlook.com/www.googlw.com.鈥?- Cached - Similar

    Googlw - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Googlw

    Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Googlw. Googlw. Information about Googlw in the Hutchinson encyclopedia.

    encyclopedia.farlex.com/Googlw - Cached - Similar

    Hardik123 - Videos tagged googlw wave extension

    Googlw Wave Extension Videos see all googlw wave extension videos ... tagged google wave, googlw wave extension, wave, wave google, @hardik ...

    vodpod.com/hardik123/tag/googlw+wave+e鈥?- Cached - Similar

    Googlw.com - AboutUs Wiki Page

    From AboutUs: See what information we have on Googlw.com and share your knowledge.

    www.aboutus.org/Googlw.com - Cached - Similar

    Did you mean to search for: google





    5Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
    I agree with Jackie on that one :)

    Chocolate Milk RULES!!!
    regular, wholeDo you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
    I prefer Chocolate. I cannot drink regular milk. it leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
    Coffee - I love a good iced coffee :D But if I have to choose then chocolate yum
    regular whole milk
    Chocolate milk.
    Chocolate milk
    both. but I love chocolate yummy!
    i dont like any milk!
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  • Mt.Rainier?

    I need the address of Mt Rainier National Park for driving directions using google.

    Apart from that i would like to know which areas shud i visit, like sunrise area,paradise area. My intention is simply 2-3 hrs spending time there sight seeing and other.

    So exactly which area shud i go and whats the driving directions for it.

    Kindly suggestMt.Rainier?
    Check out their website. It'll give you various ways to get there from various areas. It includes a map. Here's an address:

    By Mail:


    Mount Rainier National Park

    55210 238th Avenue East

    Ashford, WA 98304

    By Phone:

    Park Headquarters

    Try Goggle Earth !! Just type in Mt Rainier National Park and see what you get !!Mt.Rainier?
    The first source is the official website.

    The second source offers directions.

    The third source (excerpted below) is wikipedia information on the National Park.

    The fourth source is wikipedia information on the "mountain".

    Enjoy your visit...

    Mount Rainier National Park is a United States National Park located in southeast Pierce County and northwest Lewis County in Washington state.[1] It was established on March 2, 1899, the fifth national park in the United States. The park contains 368 mi虏 (954 km虏) including all of Mount Rainier, a 14,410-foot (4,392 m) stratovolcano. The mountain rises abruptly from the surrounding land with elevations in the park ranging from 1,600 feet (490 m) to over 14,000 feet (4,300 m). The highest point in the Cascade Range, around it are valleys, waterfalls, subalpine wildflower meadows, old growth forest and more than 26 glaciers. The volcano is often shrouded in clouds that dump enormous amounts of rain and snow on the peak every year and hide it from the crowds that head to the park on weekends.

    Mount Rainier is circled by the Wonderland Trail and is covered by several glaciers and snowfields totaling some 35 mi虏 (91 km虏). Carbon Glacier is the largest glacier by volume in the continental United States, while Emmons Glacier is the largest glacier by area. About 1.3 million people visit Mount Rainier National Park each year. Mount Rainier is a popular peak for mountain climbing with some 10,000 attempts per year with approximately 25% making it to the summit.

    The park contains outstanding examples of old growth forests and subalpine meadows. It is a natural setting of the Pacific Northwest region


    Main article: Paradise, Washington

    Paradise (46.79掳 N 121.74掳 W[2])is the name of an area at approximately 5,400 feet (1,600 m) on the south slope of Mount Rainier in the national park. Paradise is the most popular destination for visitors to Mount Rainier National Park.[3] 62% of the over 1.3 million people who visited the park in 2000 went to Paradise.[4] Paradise is the location of the historic Paradise Inn (built 1916),[5] Paradise Guide House (built 1920) and Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center (built 1966).[6]

    The National Park Service says that "Paradise is the snowiest place on Earth where snowfall is measured regularly."[7] 1,122 inches (93.5 ft, 28.5 m) of snow fell during the winter of 1971-1972, setting a world record for that year.[7][8] It also holds the Cascade Range record for most snow on the ground with 367 inches (9.3 m) on March 10 1956.[9].

    Longmire (46.75掳 N 121.81掳 W) is a visitor center in Mount Rainier National Park, located 15 miles (24 km) east of the Nisqually Entrance. It is home to Mount Rainier's National Park Inn and the National Park Service administration building for the park. Longmire is the second most popular destination for visitors to Mount Rainier National Park after Paradise. 38% of the over 1.3 million people who visited the park in 2000 visited to Longmire.[4] The Cougar Rock Campgound is about 2 miles (3 km) north west of Longmire.[1]

    Sunrise (46.91掳 N 121.64掳 W) is a lodge and visitor center located in the northeastern part of Mount Rainier National Park in Pierce County, Washington, United States. At an elevation of 6,400 feet (1,950 m), it is the highest point in the park that is accessible by vehicle. There are miles of trails located all around Sunrise, such as Mount Fremont and Sourdough Ridge. The lodge is reachable via a 10 mile (16 km) turnoff from WA 410 near the White River entrance.Mt.Rainier?
    I suggest you forget about Mount Rainier - it's best from a distance.

    Instead - buy a season for Seattle Opera.
    ok take 15 south to 18 east then the Auburn Enumclaw Exit take a left at the light you are now on Auburn Way take to Enumclaw Wa road then turns to Griffin Ave then it ends at ending take a left onto 410 take all the way up to Paradise and Sunrise

    How dependable is google maps.......?

    I want to drive from Philadelphia to Cleveland OH. Then I wanna drive from philly to N.Y.C. Is it safe for me to follow the directions on Google Maps?How dependable is google maps.......?
    As long as you are on limited access highways, you will be fine. It scews up on neighborhood streets sometimes.

    How to get to Carter's lake from Atlanta? Whats the address of it?

    I've trid yahoo/google search, but could not find exact address to find the driving directions. Any help is appreciated!How to get to Carter's lake from Atlanta? Whats the address of it?
    Don't go that way!!! Take 75N to 575N and stay on it until you reach Ellijay, GA. Go to the second red light, and take a left. Go over the hill. Turn left at the four way stop. Take a left at the end of the road. Drive approximately one mile. Turn right at Green's Country Store on Hwy. 382. Drive until you see signs for Carter's Lake.

    I realize this is....intricate, but it is a quick and "easy" way to get there. =)How to get to Carter's lake from Atlanta? Whats the address of it?

    Oakman, Georgia

    I-75 N to US-411 N / GA-61 N via EXIT 293 toward WHITE

    LEFT onto RAILROAD ST to Oakman, GA

    Good websites for directions?

    what is a good site to get driving directions.very accurate, very clear directions..because I am a new driver and I don't know my way around places other than my home town.

    I know about google maps and map quest but are there any other good ones..or if you feel one of those two are really good then tell me that too..Good websites for directions?
    I would say map quest it quite good, google as well tho. Umm if you happen 2 have an iphone they also have a pretty good mapping system and you can take it with you.
    google is the best..............Good websites for directions?
    map questGood websites for directions?
    the best thing you can do is get a GPS like a magellan or garman. They are pretty inexpensive now adays. If you take a wrong turn it will re-route you.
    google, google earth, mapquest, yellow pages are all good ones
    google is the best%26lt; stick to that. especiallyif u have the mobile vesion, it locates u and shows u where u are right on the map
    I really like mapquest.com. Google Earth is a good application you can download for free on your computer that let's you look at landmarks and roads from the satellite imaging.

    Google maps?

    I tired Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    If I want directions to get somewhere but I want bus and train instead of driving directions where can I search online to get these?Google maps?
    Go to the transportation service website of your state,and download the brochures for the area they cover.Google maps?
    hm dear use google earth, it will show you the exact location.Google maps?
    Google earth as recommended helps me plan all my journeys.I always take a virtual tour befor i ever plan any journey.

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  • Friday, January 27, 2012

    Finding Online Driving?

    I use mapquest, but I also use my phone map. My phone is usually almost an hour faster then mapquest. But I can't print out directions from my phone. Anyone know of the fastest driving directions online. I have used rand mcnally and its slower then mapquest and also google and it's about the same as mapquest. Help please!! And yes I do click the shortest time button.Finding Online Driving?
    After getting a map and directions on MapQuest, I double check using Microsoft Streets software.

    I then decide the real directions I wish to use. MapQuest has had me take terrible routes before. So I trust, but verify.

    May not be the best answer for your question, but this works for me.

    Driving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Los Angeles to san fransisco to anchorage to fairbanks. Ballpark driving time?

    Hi, for during my holidays, my family are driving from myrtle beach (northern) south carolina. We're going to los angeles, from there to san fran, from there to anchorage, and from there to fairbanks. Using the default 'google maps directions', and driving from 8 in the morning to 12 at night, how long will it take (ballpark) between each place? Also, what are the conditions when driving through rural places (like will we need to carry petrol in the car because of no petrol stations (petrol=gas)... that kind of thing) THANKS IN ADVANCEDriving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Los Angeles to san fransisco to anchorage to fairbanks. Ballpark driving time?
    Man when are you planning on doing this trip?


    Man I was kinda hoping that you wouldn't say that

    The basics :

    When driving across America in winter you have to always be prepared to comfortably spend a night or two living out of your vehicle

    You can do everything right and then a semi or two gets sideways and flips over on a snowy /icy stretch of interstate and you're stranded until they can clean up the mess

    I can and have done many 3 day coast to coast trips :Until you get used to the cumulative of effects of doing 800 mile -1000 mile days back to back to back you won't be able to %26gt;Allow 4-5 days

    I completely disagree with your 8:00AM to 12:00 AM driving schedule

    A far safer schedule is to hit the road at 5:00AM stop for breakfast at 8:00AM

    drive until 8:00 PM

    While they don't get the publicity and the funding that drunk drivers do ,tired drivers can and do kill a lot of people including themselves

    Between Amarillo and Barstow you will be driving in a high speed environment where good hospitals can be over 100 miles away

    So don't frogg it up

    As far as gas goes ;As long as you

    don't let it go below 3/8 of a tank you should be OK

    Get gas on AZ I-40 exit 48 [ Kingman ] before you head across the Mojave to Barstow

    Also gas in AZ is always cheaper than it is in Cali

    As far as LA to SFO goes I would take the 101 N to San Luis Obisbo and the find Rt 1 aka the PCH north to San Francisco

    Since winter is the rainy season in Cali a mud slide will occassionaly close parts of the PCH

    From SFO to Sacramento to Seattle the only bad part of that stretch is Siskyou Summit on I-5 %26gt;Check with CalTrans for conditions

    Once you get into Vancouver you're own as far as routing it up to Dawson Creek and then the Al-Can Hwy to AK

    I would go to Travel%26gt;Canada%26gt;Vancouver and ask the locals how rt 97 is .

    My best guess would that you would be up to your eyballls in snow and that a 4x4 vehicle with snow tires and snow chains would be needed

    Safe trip
    go to the airport we have planesDriving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Los Angeles to san fransisco to anchorage to fairbanks. Ballpark driving time?
    If you are already aware of the Google Maps driving directions why do you want us to do this for you? Seems like you could and should probably do that yourself - that way you know for sure.

    If you will tell us when you are planning this adventure we can advise on possible poor weather conditions.

    As usual, Mr. Danger, has covered it about as well as it gets. I would only add that the Alaska part of your journey is going to be very, very cold so be prepared! It will only be daylight for a few hours a day. In other words the sun will rise about 10:30am and set about 3:30pm. Realistically you only have about 3 hours of actual daylight at that time of the year. Also, the average high in Anchorage in January is about 25 degrees F and the low about 5. However, it gets much colder than that on occasion and the snowfall can be significant. You will also probably have to plug your car in at night to keep the engine from freezing. Make sure your car has an engine heater and you have the necessary cords, etc. As Mr. Danger mentioned, snow tires are a must and I would also carry some chains in your trunk b/c you will probably need them. Seriously, if I were you I would see the lower half this time and Alaska in the summer. I lived in Alaska for a while and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth - but you won't see any of it in January!!

    Have a good time and drive safely. Oh, Mr. Dangers driving times are much better than yours for the reason he points out!!Driving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Los Angeles to san fransisco to anchorage to fairbanks. Ballpark driving time?
    OK the only part I really know about is Fairbanks to Anchorage. And Here's what I got for you:

    Cars in Alaskan get winterized, special weight motor oil, battery heater, oil block heater, and adjusted fluids. The heaters get plugged in at night so you can actually start your car again in the morning. If the car your driving isn't plug-inable then you'll be getting up every 4-6 hours (depending on temp) to start and run your car for awhile so it doesn't freeze up.

    I always carry extra gear ([parka boots, mitts and heavy sleeping bag) in my truck all winter. If you go off the road or have car trouble it may be quite some time till the next car comes by.

    Also personally I would not drive the Parks (highway from Anchorage to Fairbanks) without four wheel drive. Roads and weather conditions can be bad and change fast.

    Also as a side note, the term 'highway' is used a little loosely up here. For instance the Parks highway is a 2 lane road in most places. The Denali Highway is a dirt road that isn't plowed in winter. And neither have exists leading to convenience stores.

    There will be small towns, service stations and roadhouses along the way.

    The best source for planning a driving vacation in Alaska is, hands down, The Milepost:


    with up to date info, it also has contact information for businesses along the way so you can check about rooms and if things are even open in some places. (many places for tourists shut down in the winter)

    Also if you make it all the way to Fairbanks, you might as well drive a little farther to Chena Hot Springs,


    you earned it

    I need driving direction from a place to another in bangalore?

    i know satellite maps are present on google earth .what i need is road map or geocode of locations in bangalore.so that people can see how they can move between twoplaces in bangaloreI need driving direction from a place to another in bangalore?
    Here is a link to a great interactive map of the city. I think this will be perfect for you.


    Anybody from the North Hollywood area? I wonder if people can get up near the 'Hollywood' sign?

    I'm planning a vacation to southern California this spring and would like to get up near the sign and look out over the lights of L.A. as has been shown in so many movies and TV shows.

    I see Mulholland drive and other roads go near there per Google Earth...can you give me specific driving directions to get a good vantage point for a scenic view? Is it safe up there at night for a young woman?Anybody from the North Hollywood area? I wonder if people can get up near the 'Hollywood' sign?
    The sign is fenced off, the road up there is fenced and the closest you can get to the most famous sign in the world is off the hiking trails. Definitely not safe at night and may be closed at night...The best view of both is probably from the Griffith Observatory...Anybody from the North Hollywood area? I wonder if people can get up near the 'Hollywood' sign?
    North hollywood is a seperate city in the valley so your not getting in from there first off. 2nd the hollywood sign has been fenced off and security systems are all over. (too many people messed with the sign)Anybody from the North Hollywood area? I wonder if people can get up near the 'Hollywood' sign?
    You go up Beechwood Canyon to get to the Hollywood Sign

    Does the google map function on the Android Eris talk?

    Ever since I've gotten my new phone, I've missed the VZ navigator the old line of phones had to offer. Now I have to deal with Google maps and it is very hard to drive and constantly check your phone to where you are going... Is there a way for the google maps to give you directions verbally from the phone like a normal GPS navigator? Thanks in advance.Does the google map function on the Android Eris talk?
    The Droid Eris does not currently offer voice navigation - or navigation at all. Just basic Google Maps.

    The Motorola Droid does have voice navigation incorporate with Google Maps

    This feature is only available with Android 2.0 and greater, which the Motorola has. Currently, the Droid Eris is at 1.5, and hoping that Verizon will release an update for the Droid Eris (I have the Eris).
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  • NYC PPL Especially in the BRONX!! Directions!!!! 10 pts to most accurate anser?

    how can I get to Bronx Honda by Public transportation??? I am near the 2,4,and D trains.. which is quickest I can't google it it's only giving me driving directions.. the adddress is 2541 East Tremont Avenue. Bronx, NY 10461

    please help!!! First accurate answer gets the 10 pointsNYC PPL Especially in the BRONX!! Directions!!!! 10 pts to most accurate anser?
    That address is located on Montogemy Place.

    Best way to get there:

    Take Uptown (2)/(5) along Southern Blvd to West Farms Sq-East Tremont Av or (B/D) Grand Concourse line to Tremont Av. (4) train will be Burnside Av.

    Then transfer to Bx40 or Bx42 eastbound to St. Peter's Av stop and walk east to that address.

    If that was your best answer (I actually gave you the tool to help yourself, and I would think that has more value, but that's your choice), why did you only give it one star?

    Report Abuse

    NYC PPL Especially in the BRONX!! Directions!!!! 10 pts to most accurate anser?
    The #6 stops near the Bronx Honda at the Westchester Sq - E Tremont Ave Station鈥?where you can catch the Bx40, Bx42.

    #6 - http://www.mta.info/nyct/service/sixline鈥?/a>

    Bx40 - http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/br鈥?/a>

    Bx42 -http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/br鈥?/a>

    Give me a second to find out the most efficient way of getting there. If Not Customer Service at (718) 892-3300鈥?can help you out as they do it everyday.NYC PPL Especially in the BRONX!! Directions!!!! 10 pts to most accurate anser?
    With this problem or any other like it, go to this page and enter your starting location and destination. That gives you your fastest, most accurate answer.:


    To the right of that link, is a link to find "service in the area." Since you only gave us a destination and not a starting address, I did that for you.

    EAST TREMONT AVE %26amp; EAST 180TH ST (0.08 miles) map

    Route Sign



    EAST TREMONT AVE %26amp; BRONX RIVER AVE (0.08 miles) map

    Route Sign



    MORRIS PK AVE %26amp; EAST TREMONT AVE (0.13 miles) map

    Route Sign


    EAST TREMONT AVE %26amp; MORRIS PK AVE (0.14 miles) map

    Route Sign

    BX21 Bus BX21 - MOTT HAVEN 136 ST

    MORRIS PARK AVE %26amp; EAST 180TH ST (0.14 miles) map

    Route Sign


    E 180TH ST STATION 2 line 5 line (0.15 miles) map

    Route Sign

    2 line Train 2 - 241ST ST-WAKEFIELD


    5 line Train 5 - BOWLING GREEN

    5 line Train 5 - DYRE AV-EASTCHESTER


    5 line Train 5 - UTICA AV-CROWN HTS

    Just pop in your address and destination and will give you subway and bus directions.
    My friend, that address is at the corner of Montgomery and East Tremont Avenue.

    Step 1: take the Bronx-bound #2 train to West Farm Square-East Tremont Avenue.

    Step 2: at West Farm Square - East Tremont Avenue, transfer to the Bx40 or Bx42 buses. Take the eastbound bus from the subway station to St. Peters Avenue.

    The dealership is right across the street from the street from the bus stop. Its a brown one story building with blue lettering that says "Honda Used Cars" in the front.

    I hope this information is very helpful.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

    What dumb question have you asked recently?

    I tried asking for driving directions from Honolulu to Los Angeles recently through Google Maps out of curiousity, indeed it answered me a sane information although humourusly illogical.

    1. Head southwest on Likelike St toward S King St 449 ft.

    15. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean 2766 miles.

    I still had a kick thinking about it.. I almost fell from my seat laughing. What was yours?What dumb question have you asked recently?
    it wasn't me it was my friend, but we were chatting on our cells for about an hour and then she asked me if I could call her cell because she couldnt find it.
    i asked where my phone was.....it twas in my pocket......lol love it! i looked for it all day... :pWhat dumb question have you asked recently?
    it says it will take 15 days..I LOVE IT!! hahahah

    AND from tokyo to la it would be 6,243 miles of kyaking hahahaahahaha that trip would take 35 days LOL!What dumb question have you asked recently?
    Well I challenged my Super Boss on something and quoting an example of being able to say yes or no, I asked him," Have you stopped being lazy? Its a close ended question, so the answer is a 'yes or a 'no'."

    Lets just say I didnt get fired........ yet....
    On Y!A, I asked "Slang or no Slang?" for no reason! LOL! :-D
    what is english?

    What kind of cell let you search on the Internet and such?

    I was just wondering if there was a cell phone that let u search on the web, like google map for directions when driving etc

    Does anyone know?What kind of cell let you search on the Internet and such?
    Any smart phone or 3g multimedia phone will give you internet access.

    How does Google Maps work on the Ipod Touch?

    I'm getting the iPod Touch 4G in a couple of weeks and I'm just wondering how the google maps works on it in terms of using it as a GPS. I know you have to be in a WIFi zone to access anything but can you save the directions on the screen as you are driving away from the WiFi zone?How does Google Maps work on the Ipod Touch?
    It gives a list of turn by turn directions you can read when you lose wifi. The thing is if you miss a turn and you don't have wifi then you're lost without a GPS. It's not the best way to go about this but you can give it a shot...How does Google Maps work on the Ipod Touch?
    screen shot.

    Is there any way that you can put the orientation up on google maps mobile, instead of north up?

    I have nokia n95 8gb and I love google maps mobile. The only problem I have is that it doesn't let me put orientation (directions) up when I am using it to drive. The north is always up which can get very confusing when driving. Any help???Is there any way that you can put the orientation up on google maps mobile, instead of north up?
    Sadly, none that I have found.
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  • Driving from Phoenix area to Las Vegas?

    I'm driving from the north valley (North Glendale to be exact) to Vegas and I was wondering if anyone knows the best/safest route to take. I google-mapped the directions and there seem to be a few different options. I've heard that the route through the Hoover Dam can be busy and that the one through Laughlin is better (not sure which exactly that is though). I'm leaving on a Friday afternoon if that makes any difference. I've also heard that the highway you take is ridiculously dangerous at night. If I am leaving around 3 pm, will I be fine for the most part? Thanks!Driving from Phoenix area to Las Vegas?
    You should be fine as far as construction over the dam not causing huge delays at the time you'll be crossing it. At that time it should not be delayed because of construction, just slow because of lots of people trying to get through it. It's probably a better route at that time than through Laughlin, which will be busy with weekend arrivals as well and takes you several miles out of your way. (When construction delays are present over the dam, Laughlin is a good alternative - when it's just traffic delays, over the dam is typically easier.)

    But you will be dealing with all of the weekend warriors that head up there from Phoenix. Traffic will be heavy the entire route.

    With all of the widening projects that have occurred and are continuing to take place along the corridor from Wickenburg up to I-17, the route is a whole lot safer than it used to be.

    Just be patient with all of the traffic. You should be fine.Driving from Phoenix area to Las Vegas?
    Hoover Dam has heavy visitor attendance only at certain times. You can look that up on a government website or something. When I drove that way it was a two lane highway and no traffic. At night it is probably a breeze but you cannot drive that fast. It is only a 6-hour drive.

    Driving to Fort Polk Army Base from Houston--Google maps says to take LA-467?

    But from the looks of the map, it doesnt look familiar from when i went there the first time.

    Is LA-467 the road off of which you turn to the left to go into the main gates? Im a little confused on the directions...Driving to Fort Polk Army Base from Houston--Google maps says to take LA-467?
    Hi.. I actually just got back from Fort polk, LA. and I am from the baytown area. right by houston.. I took I-10 East until you get to lake charles, LA. and then from there you get on 171 north, and its a straight shot up to fort polk.. just look for signs on the road that tell you when to turn into fort polks gates.. Its easy can't miss it.. Be careful cause the first gate is for army trucks and things and then the second one you come to will be for visitors and all others.. Just follow signs.. when your on 171 north, once you get into the town of deridder, just keep watching signs cause it can get confusing, but stay on 171 north till you get to fort polk.. and its not long after deridder.. Good luck.. I had a great time there.. Great peopleDriving to Fort Polk Army Base from Houston--Google maps says to take LA-467?
    According to google earth

    Take I-10 to US171 go North towards Shreveport/Deridder

    Continue on E1st/ US171/ US190 (1.9miles)

    turn Right at Pine and go 12.9 miles

    Turn Right at Forestry/ La 10 go 3.6 miles

    Turn Left at Alabama ave

    I think this should bring yoou to the main gates but I'm not sure. I've been out there twice but I was comming from the oppsite direction very late at night.

    Does that sound more like the route you went the first time?

    Google earth.. (local directions)?

    m using google earth right now... and im trying to use the DIRECTIONS TAB. it shows me the direction of where im going.. the thing is i dont want to drive in the highway.. i want the local directions how do i filter it? thanks in advance.. noob driver here.. LOLGoogle earth.. (local directions)?
    I'm afraid I can't see a way to do that.

    You can do it on Google maps. When you enter your route plan, click on show option and avoid highways.

    Are there maps online that will give approximate driving times between locations?

    I'm going to be driving from North Carolina to Texas. I generally use Google, Yahoo or Mapquest when planning trips, but I was wondering if there are any online maps that will show the approx. driving time between certain points, rather than printing out a bunch of different sets of directions. Maybe something similar to the diriving time map for the US in the front of an atlas.Are there maps online that will give approximate driving times between locations?
    if you already know these certain points, when using yahoo maps, you can enter way-points. Enter start city on line "A" and way point city on line " B" after it calculates the route you will see a line " C' at the bottom of your instructions list enter another city then hit go...you will then see a line " D" you can keep going and going....
    Hmm? Google, Yahoo, and Mapquest all give you approximate driving time between the two points you type in. If you want to know the time between any two specific points, all you have to do is make one of them your current location, and the other one your destination. Are there maps online that will give approximate driving times between locations?
    If you don't want to use Google or Mapquest, which can give you a more accurate distance and time based on the actual route you take, here's a site that shows you the distance between major U.S. cities:


    Then, simply divide by the average speed you think you'll drive. For example, if the distance is 500 miles and you think you'll drive 50 MPH average (allowing for meal and gas stops), then 500 divided by 50 would be 10 hours.Are there maps online that will give approximate driving times between locations?
    there are programs that can do that, but you need to consider downtime as well (Road closures due to accidents, construction, President comming to town, etc) Generally from the time it gives you, add 15% to that time.

    Take the hours, and figure into minutes, times it by 1.15 then figure back into hours. Also consider the more stops you do also adds to time as time is collected form the slow down of stopping and starting.

    I have noticed this many times as I was a truck driver for a while.
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  • Is there a website, besides google, yahoo, etc. that lets you plot cities on a map. Like 30?

    Google only goes up to about 25 and I need a lot more on the same map. I also prefer to not have the driving direction lines, just a regular map with certain cities pinpointed. Does something like that exist?Is there a website, besides google, yahoo, etc. that lets you plot cities on a map. Like 30?
    Try Live Search Maps. If you sign up for a live.com account (which is free), I believe you can have an unlimited number of pushpins.


    Need Help with Google Maps?


    I'm currently developing a website. I have embedded a Google Maps on one of my web page and it works just fine. Every time I typed in place in the Get Direction Feature, it opens up to a new page (Google Map main page).

    My question is: is it possible if I use the Get Direction feature without having to open a new page (Google Maps)? and the Get Direction feature just stays in my own web page?

    Or when I click on 鈥榞et directions鈥? it opened a window (similar to a popup window) so it doesn鈥檛 open a new browser.

    My 2nd question: is there a way to use the Google Maps Get Direction feature and have the page that opens go directly to the printable driving directions with or without the map? or is that something Google would frown on?

    like this link shows

    http://maps.google.com/maps?f=.....%26amp;pw=2Need Help with Google Maps?
    gta 5

    What is the longest possible distance to drive with Google Maps?

    Only routes that it actually gives directions for. Also, "avoid highways" doesn't count.What is the longest possible distance to drive with Google Maps?
    The longest distance you would be able to drive with Google Maps would be%26gt;%26gt;

    Barrow,AK to Anchorage,AK = 720 miles

    Anchorage,AK to Seattle,WA = 1,434 miles

    Seattle,WA to Tijuana, Mexico = 1,079 miles

    Tijuana,Mexico to Mexico City, Mexico = 1,420 miles

    Mexico City,Mexico to Managua,Nicaragua = 990 miles

    Managua,Nicaragua to Bogota,Columbia = 978 miles

    Bogota,Columbia to Quito,Ecuador = 454 miles

    Quito,Ecuador to Lima,Peru = 817 miles

    Lima,Peru to Santiago,Chile = 1,526 miles

    Santiago,Chile to Southern tip of South America = 1,530

    Total distance = 10,948 miles%26lt;%26lt;Wow!!

    Using Google Earth driving from the Northern tip of North America to the Southern tip of South America.

    Very interesting question my friend!!!

    How do you spell the word "Cleveland".?

    I am going to be taking a trip there soon and I am going to Google search driving directions and will need to know how to spell it.How do you spell the word "Cleveland".?
    i think that's how you spell it.
    Cleveland.How do you spell the word "Cleveland".?
    Cleveland, I used to spell it CelevelandHow do you spell the word "Cleveland".?

    Google earth directions or maps?

    Ok. i have an old 74 chevy whos gas gauge don't work. until i do i need to have a way to see how far distances are. i ran out of gas in one spot and put two gallons in (with small gas can at that spot) and i know exactly where i drove so i would know how far i went on two gallons. so then i can plan where i go when to get gas. but i have done the directions on google earth and remember being able to change the routes but i can't. i don't need to use google earth maybe other online resources. i just want to know a directions type deal that will give me distance allowing me to change the route myself.Google earth directions or maps?
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  • Poll: If I ever travel to London am I going to have to Kayak across the Atlantic ocean? :P?

    I did google directions from my city to Honolulu Hawaii. The driving directions took me to Washington State, and then told me to Kayak over 2756 miles across the pacific ocean to Honolulu Hawaii. :P The total travel time was 15 days 21 hours.Poll: If I ever travel to London am I going to have to Kayak across the Atlantic ocean? :P?
    You have to admit it would be a once in a lifetime experience if you made it.
    sounds funPoll: If I ever travel to London am I going to have to Kayak across the Atlantic ocean? :P?
    You could fly. It'd be a lot faster.Poll: If I ever travel to London am I going to have to Kayak across the Atlantic ocean? :P?
    That's how I did it.
    why not kayak over to Hawaii like you planned to do in the first place

    So i went on google map directions, and it didn't help very much...?

    is there a way i can alter what mph id be driving to my destination? because if the map is set to track like a car going 55 mph, i want to change that. because on a major highway id be doing like 70. and it would take me ther faster.

    is there a way i can change the mph for a car when getting directions? thanks.So i went on google map directions, and it didn't help very much...?
    NO u cannot......the drive time is based on the set speed limits on the roads u will be taking............also if available it factors in traffic and or road construction and other factors...So i went on google map directions, and it didn't help very much...?
    No, you can't change it.

    I believe they track it based on speed limits for the roads that you've been routed through.

    Anyway, you can figure it out yourself. Math is fun!So i went on google map directions, and it didn't help very much...?
    I don't see how changing the speed can alter the directions. You still go the same way whether you are traveling at 20mph or 200 mph

    Best driving directions from Brick, NJ to Morristown, NJ?

    Hi! I just got a new job in Morristown, NJ (in Headquarters Plaza, full address is below). However, I live in Brick, NJ. It's a long commute, especially with the traffic, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best way to go? Yes, I have tried Mapquest and Google Maps, but I wanted to see if maybe someone could recommend a route, maybe one that avoids a lot of the traffic?

    FYI, It's a 9am-5pm job although I might be doing 8am-4pm especially if the traffic might be more bearable.

    Here is the address:

    240 Headquarters Plaza

    Morristown, NJ 07960

    (The Parking garage is off of Water Street)

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!Best driving directions from Brick, NJ to Morristown, NJ?
    I work in Moorestown too but I don't live in Brick!!! That's a hike. There are backroads but the shortest and qickest way is probably the turnpike. There actually isn't much traffic on the turnpike, I think. Plus, it drops you off right on Route 73 by Moorestown. Good luck! Hope the gas $$ doesn't kill you too much!!

    Question about driving directions from San Fernando Valley to Las Vegas, specifically Highway 18?

    So I'm going to drive to Las Vegas, which I've done several times before. I was going to go up the 14 to the Antelope Valley, then take the 138 east to the 15. However, looking at google maps, it appears that the 138 dips south and goes out of the way around Llano, while the 18 appears to go more direct to the 15. I don't remember seeing any cutoff for the 18 in the past (not that I was ever looking for it). So should I just forget about this 18 and stay on the smarter, possibly faster (but out of the way) 138, or should I venture on the 18? Anyone ever do it?Question about driving directions from San Fernando Valley to Las Vegas, specifically Highway 18?
    I live in Riverside, but once drove from your area to Vegas. I took the 138 to the 18. It was nice scenically and easy. But I checked google maps, and they recommend taking the 210 to the 15. Depending on what time of day you're leaving, this may be your fastest route.

    Cars are not allowed on the El Monte Busway; why does Google Maps say otherwise?

    When I asked Google Maps for directions, it said to drive a car on the El Monte Busway. This is not allowed. Why does Google Maps say to do it?Cars are not allowed on the El Monte Busway; why does Google Maps say otherwise?
    who told cars were not allowed, they are allowed but you have be in a carpool of 3 or more passengers
    Google maps is similar to Mapquest in that they are not 100% correct. When I was a directory assistance operator for cellular calls (2000-2003), certain streets or locations where not mentioned; and when I was a delivery driver (2004-2008), I was given directions to the Compton School District but it mentioned driving through some side streets (where the gangbangers where), so it's not 100% true all of the time. Also if you do what they recommend, you'll have the Sheriff's Deputies or the Highway Patrol waiting for you at the other end!Cars are not allowed on the El Monte Busway; why does Google Maps say otherwise?
    This might be a question better directed at Google, instead of Yahoo.

    Having said that, wouldn't you think that a thoroughfare called a BUSWAY would be reserved for BUSES? Isn't it implied that this would be a road reserved for buses, and wouldn't it make sense to use your common sense and avoid it regardless of what Google says?

    Hey ... I'm just sayin ...Cars are not allowed on the El Monte Busway; why does Google Maps say otherwise?
    That's why it's always best to ask locally for directions. Try to make contact with Google Maps to get this information updated.
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  • Am I the only one that has used Google?

    It seems like about half the questions on Y! Answers are things that could have been found on Google in about a third of the time that it took to type the question on here. Driving directions from New York to Boston? Really? You don't think there's another way to figure that out?

    In all seriousness, do most people not realize that things like Google exist? Did it not get as much publicity as I thought it did?Am I the only one that has used Google?
    I use google to answer most of these questions

    I guess this site wouldn't get too many responses if it wasn't for googleAm I the only one that has used Google?
    Ugh people are so stupid I agree with you asker. Although I would rather answer an eeasy google search answer question than a question that has abolsutely no details this is the worst when trying to answer computer questions.

    Can you tell me the best driving route from Detroit to Florida?

    Please keep in mind that I'm pulling a trailer with my honda accord V6. I've been told that if I take I75 it takes you up and down the mountains whereas if you take the recommended Google directions, it will be an easier ride as you will travel through the mountains.Can you tell me the best driving route from Detroit to Florida?
    I'm not sure what your talking about. i check ed the google directions and they too said take I-75. I-75 can be a little hilly and there are a few BIG hills but it's not that bad. I would think that pullling a trailer you would want to save on gas and this is most likely the shortest route. Well good luck!Can you tell me the best driving route from Detroit to Florida?
    I would take 75. Yes you go through the mountains but it actually isnt that bad. I think it is the best route. I drive there every year from michigan.The other route is going to take you longer and it isnt any better than 75. The worst part is actually going to be in atlanta with all the traffic. other than that its a breeze.Can you tell me the best driving route from Detroit to Florida?
    I agree with the other answer that I-75 is probably the best route. If you want to avoid the Kentucky and Tennessee sections, which are through the mountains. It's about 50 miles longer. The hills are less.

    Detroit I-75 south to Cincinnati

    I-71 south to Louisville

    I-65 south to Nashville

    I-24 south to Chattanooga

    I-75 south to Atlanta

    To completly miss the mountains: take I-65 from Louisville to Birmingham and then I-20 east to Atlanta.

    Can you please give me directions to drive from Upper West Side NYC to Commerse st in Yorktown ny?

    I have never been up there before and used google maps, but directions look very complicated and very easy to get lost etc. If anyone knows an easier way please help me!Can you please give me directions to drive from Upper West Side NYC to Commerse st in Yorktown ny?
    dude. it shows you a map, how hard can it be?

    If you can't handle a map, you willl probably have a very short lifespan on this earth.Can you please give me directions to drive from Upper West Side NYC to Commerse st in Yorktown ny?
    The link below is the driving directions from West 96th Street and Broadway in the Upper West Side to Commerce Street in Yorktown, NY.

    Total driving time from the Upper West Side to Yorktown takes 41 minutes (70 minutes in traffic).

    Good luck

    Native New YorkerCan you please give me directions to drive from Upper West Side NYC to Commerse st in Yorktown ny?
    There is no easier way, that's just the way it looks when you're going upstate. Lots of RT's and highways crisscrossing each other, small easy to miss exits. You've got the googlemaps directions, now cross check it with yahoo maps and you might even consider contacting AAA for directions as well.

    Tips on driving through Canada from Oregon to Alaska?

    I'm driving from Eugene, Oregon to Homer, Alaska. It's nearly 3,000 miles and I know there are moose, and cracks in the highway that could seriously damage a vehicle, I just didn't know if there were any "better" directions that google, Milepost, Map-quest, etc. Or any ridiculously good advice.

    Thanks for the help!Tips on driving through Canada from Oregon to Alaska?
    I've driven the Alcan four times.. Most important item are spare tires.....take along 2 with both already mounted on rims. Next is cash. Bring plenty. Lodging is expensive. Fuel is expensive. Food is expensive. Vehicle repairs are outrageous. The Milepost is the best. Don't do the trip during break up (spring thaw). Road conditions change everyday according to your location and weather. Once your up in northern British Columbia and the Yukon......don't pass up a gas station.....stay fueled up. Make sure your auto insurance carries a Canadian trip binder. Sometimes they ask for documentation....you never know. Anticipate a thorough search when you enter Alaska at the border. Once inside Alaska....DO NOT SPEED....you will get busted. Make sure to stop at the King Mountain Lodge.....it's north of Anchorage. Great sourdough pancakes.Tips on driving through Canada from Oregon to Alaska?
    The Alaskan highway is crazy but certainly worth it. There are some spots of the road that need repaired. I went five years ago and I know that since then they have done work on it. It really out in the middle of nowhere but the scenery is gorgeous and the drive is well worth it. There are some neat stops along the way. If you are going to drive that far you might as well do the Alaskan Highway.

    Driving Directions. PUBLIC Transit help?

    how can I get to Puyallup, WA from Tukwila WA(Seatac Airport)?

    Google maps and metro transit trip don't help at all. Please let me know if you have any idea on how to get there. Thank you!Driving Directions. PUBLIC Transit help?
    Take King County Metro Transit route 194 to Federal Way Transit Center. Transfer to Pierce Transit route 402 which runs along Meridian St (is that close to the part of 14th Ave you want?)

    Depending on what time you are travelling you may also be able to take the Sounder commuter train from Tukwila to Puyallup (take Metro Transit route 140 from the airport to get to Tukwila station).
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  • Best sites 2 get accurate driving directions?

    I know this has been asked before but the answers I found were from years ago. Now, there are so many choices. Please give me your opinions for the best sites to give accurate, simple directions.

    (I've tried RandMcNally, mapquest, yahoo and google and have not really been satisfied with the results from any...what about Google Earth?)

    Thanks! (:Best sites 2 get accurate driving directions?
    Google Earth is excellent and you can look at restaurants lodging/rest stops or gas stations on the way and plan your stops, when to switch drivers, you can also search the rote for traffic and pick a different route to avoid high traffic areas.Best sites 2 get accurate driving directions?
    I use google just about every day

    Which printer is right for me?

    I do not use a printer very frequently. I just print out occasional piano sheet music and Google driving directions.

    Anyhow, which type of printer (ink jet, laser jet, etc.) uses the least amount of toner/ink when printing or has the cheapest cartridge replacements?Which printer is right for me?
    For cheapest replacements, forget the OEM (HP, Lexmark, etc.) and buy refurb/refilled cartrigdes on Amazon or another site. I save almost two-thirds off the price of the OEM HP toner for my HP laser printer. They print just as much as what HP says that their own cartridges will print.

    Laser printers will be cheaper in the long run, but they typically cost more (up front, when you buy them). If you realy don't print up that much, you might want to see if you can get a bundle (free printer when you buy a desktop/laptop, etc.) at a major site's sale. Or, you should probably look for a cheap printer that comes with a nice rebate.

    I really wouldn't pursue the line of reasoning about what printer uses less ink per page--that might get you some low-quality print jobs. Just stick with a name brand like Brother, Lexmark, HP, and you should be fine.

    Bestbuy on this page has two inkjets less than 45 bucks:


    The lexmark is going for 32.

    Just for comparison's sake.
    well laser jet uses the least amount of ink and is the fastest. however it's usually cheaper to buy an inkjet and re-fill the ink. i suggest an HP deskjet series or laser jet series.Which printer is right for me?
    i found a good printer is brother mfc 490cwWhich printer is right for me?
    Since you are not printing pictures you probably only need a very basic printer. I would suggest an ink jet. I understand cartridges for Kodak are cheaper than many other brands, but you might want to check with a retail outlet. You can google Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot and other retailers and compare printers.
    I ordered mine off the hp website for 39$, and it works good, its an hp deskjet d2530, it comes with one color cartrige but you must buy the black one for 15$ or so.
    HP LJ P006 for $99 at office depot.

    Cartridge for $65 lasts 2,500 pages. 2.6 cents/page.

    Compared to Inkjet for $60 with $30 cartridge that lasts 300 pages. 10 cents per page.

    But LJ is $40 more and only B%26amp;W.

    Do the numbers and decide. I chose the LJ.